Introduction to Canadian Educational Institutions

Why is education in Canada?

ЗEvery year, more and more students choose Canada to receive higher education. This choice can be explained by several factors:
First, higher education in Canada is one of the most prestigious and, at the same time, the most affordable in the world. Educational institutions in Canada are almost 30% -40% cheaper than European ones.
Secondly, Canadian education and diploma are valued all over the world and provide an opportunity to receive well-paid job.

Why choose a college or university in Canada?

Enrollment at the Canadian University for foreigners, including Ukrainians, available right after school. To do this, you need to complete an appropriate English language proficiency exam. A Canadian diploma of higher education, which recognized worldwide, can be obtained from one to four years, with the price of education, as well as the total cost of living in this country, is one of the most attractive among English-speaking countries. Recently, students also received the right to work while studying without any additional permissions. This allows you to compensate the costs of studying and accommodation, or at least have money for daily expenses.

Features of Canada’s educational system

The Canadian system of education has its own peculiarities, and here you should understand what is the difference between colleges and universities and how much each option costs. Both universities and colleges are full-fledged educational institutions, where you can obtain a bachelor’s degree or postgraduate education certificate. The main difference of colleges is their narrow specialization. Studying in college usually involves an internship in a specialty that helps make the first steps in a career. The cost of studying at the college is usually lower than at the university.

How to go to the Canadian university or college?

There are two types of admissions: direct enrollment and preparatory courses. Of course, both of them need a certificate of secondary education, an English language certificate, and a package of documents for an educational institution. In case of direct enrollment, the future student will submit documents for enrollment from Ukraine, but with this method does not have time for adaptation, which in the future may negatively affect the student’s progress. Preparatory courses, besides learning English, help to adapt faster and be prepared for immigration through studying. It is an opportunity to better understand the curriculum and see everything with your own eyes, to check the atmosphere, culture, level of education and life. This makes it much easier to move to Canada.
It should be noted that such an important step as choosing the educational institution is better to trust professionals and apply for qualified assistance. Representatives of educational services companies can recommend one or another university, based on their own experience, because in most cases they directly contact Canadian colleges and universities and visit campuses. Thus, they can give an objective assessment, because an important role in educational procces is also made by the atmosphere and conditions in which the student will spend most of his time, and these indicators will have a direct proportional effect on his further education.
Also, professional assistance will free you from visa procedures and documents, and in this case it is better not to take risks, but to rely on the competence of specialists, as incorrectly filled documents may negatively affect the outcome of the enrolling campaign to university.