A Tour of Ukraine

Ukraine – A Great Country!

Ukraine is for the wanderers of the world!

“MapleLand” invites you to join a fantastic trip to modern Ukraine. Make yourself feel as though you are an authentic Ukrainian! “MapleLand” will help organize a tour of Ukraine that is focused on adult and adolescent residents of Canada and the United States.

What awaits you:

  • Strolls on historical and cultural boulevards of Ukraine.
  • Acquaintance with modern Kyiv, the mysterious Lviv, the industrial Zaporozhye, and the ancient Chernivtsi.
  • Absorption of the atmosphere of the Ukrainian Middle Ages and chivalry (castles, fortresses, temples).

  • Familiarization with the history and traditions of the glorious Zaporozhian Army.
  • Bright celebration of the Independence Day of Ukraine.
  • Relaxation on the shores of the Black Sea and the magnificent Dnieper, colorful emotions in the rocky Carpathians.
  • Expedition to the Chornobyl zone (optional).
  • Meeting with ethnic Ukrainians and their customs.

Choose a trip to Ukraine

Tour: Ukraine - Great Country

Route of trip: Kyiv (city tour) - Kaniv city (T. Shevchenko museum) - Chyhyryn city - Zaporozhye city (Khortytsya island) - Melitopol city (Mirne village, Vyshnevetsky castle) - Kherson city – Lviv city – Chernivtsi city.

Tour: Lviv-Carpathians

Trip route: Lviv - Berehove (thermal pools) - Carpathians - Lake Synevir - Shipot waterfall - Olesky castle - Pidhirtsi castle.

Tour: Kyiv-Odessa

Trip route: Kyiv (excursion) - Uman (national park "Sofiyivka") - Odessa - Lake Cahul - Chernihiv (Old Wale, Mazepa's house) - Bilhorod-Dnistrovsky fortress.

Tour: "VIP Chernobyl"

Trip route: Kyiv - Kaniv (Kaniv reservoir, Tarasova hora) - Chernihiv city (Mazepa's building, "Gulbishche" mound, Ukrainian shrines) - Pripyat city - Chernobyl.

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Looking for adventure? Then journey to Ukraine!

УUkraine has a grand and tragic history. A long time ago, brutal conquerors invaded this beautiful and fertile land and enslaved the Ukrainian people. Since the days of Tripoli and Kyivan Rus, Ukraine has fought for its independence. But no captives could take away the main attractions of Ukraine - the broad steppes, the blue sky, the rapid Carpathian Mountains, and the love Ukrainians had for their native land.

You will be able to plunge into the history of this beautiful and invincible country for several days. You will visit the biggest and brightest cities of Ukraine, get acquainted with Ukrainian culture more closely, talk to indigenous Ukrainians, and try some Ukrainian traditions. In addition, no one has turned down the tasting of bacon, borscht, and varenyky.

We will start the journey from Lviv, the center of the Galician academics, where the earthly life is raging, and delicious coffee and bittersweet chocolate are always poured. We will gradually visit the most famous Ukrainian cities, and we will complete our journey with Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, where Volodymyr the Great and Yaroslav the Wise, who in ancient times dominated the fierce struggle for the patriarchal throne, where the most important political decisions were made, reigned in ancient times. We will celebrate Independence Day there, which is considered to be the most important holiday for millions of Ukrainians.

Give yourself an unforgettable experience of a lifetime!

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Who will like this trip?

Those who are interested in Ukraine and its culture.

During this trip, you will discover a new image of Ukraine: boundless Ukrainian steppes, wheat fields, and sunflower plantations. You will hear the Ukrainian nocturnal language, which is heard only on TV or in a casual conversation by several passers-by. You will visit Galicia, Hutsulshchyna, Bukovina, Polissya, and Podillya - regions where Ukrainian traditions have remained almost unchanged since the times of Kyivan Rus. Every Ukrainian city lives a separate life. During several days, you will be able to turn into Galician intellectuals, Carpathian Molfars (wizards), and capital businessmen.

Those who have Ukrainian roots and want to learn more about themselves

Ukrainians are sensitive and sentimental people, who are used to trusting their hearts. Perhaps after this trip, you will better understand yourself, open up new horizons of your soul. And our route, most likely, will be the land where your ancestors once traveled. You will be able to take a fresh look at the history of your family.

 Those who aspire to travel with their families.

Family is an ancient Ukrainian tradition. Nothing is of as much value for Ukrainians as family. Ukrainian women are wonderful housewives and true guardians of their home. Ukrainian men are courageous defenders of their families. And Ukrainian folklore has always glorified family values: fidelity, love, and mutual respect. You will also be able to stay with your loved ones, improve your relationships, and take on the best Ukrainian family traditions and customs.

 Those who like to discover new places for themselves.

Ukraine is a picturesque country. In addition to ancient castles, fortresses, and temples, heavenly views are discovered by travelers - the southern canyons, waterfalls, arboretums, the mysterious love tunnel, the Ukrainian Dead Sea, and the Vilkovo village, which looks like Venice. If you aspire to new emotions and feelings, then this trip to Ukraine will definitely be the one to bring them to you.

 Those who are just claiming the title of traveler

Teens will get to know their peers and compare the peculiarities of the life of different countries. Adolescence is the most interesting period in the life of each child, so it is important for your child to remember every day of this sweet moment.