Reviews of grateful clients of MapleLand


TI would like to thank MapleLand for having provided excellent service, support, and help! My husband and I decided that our daughter should receive an internationally recognized degree. After thoughtful research, we made up our minds on Canada.
MapleLand helped our daughter with choosing a university, applying for a student permit, and with a settlement.

Maryna, 48, Ukraine

I’ve been dreaming about going to school and living abroad. I put a lot of effort to make it my reality. I did take English classes for improving my language skills. I studied hard. And after graduation from a high school, my work and my diligence bore fruit – I was enrolled in Concordia University. I am grateful to my family for their support and MapleLand for assisting with enrollment and student permit process.
I was stressed and confused as I didn’t know where to start. Having met MapleLand representative, all my worries had gone. The process went smoothly. These guys are the best! Thank you!

Vadym, 18, Ukraine

I’d been searching for an educational agency that would help with my son’s enrollment in a Canadian college. I reached out to several agencies and chose MapleLand as it is a Canadian agency with a representative office in Kyiv. The agency and its employees proved an outstanding service and work directly with educational institutions. I really liked their service and pleasure to work with!

Dmitriy, 53, Russia

A well-known fact is that the best way to learn a foreign language is to immerse in the language environment.
MapleLand helped me with a selection of English Language course in Canada. After the English Language course completion, my language skills improved significantly. In addition to that, I was able to explore beautiful landscapes of Canada, met new people and was able to secure new business partnerships.
If you want to get Canadian service, then contact Maple Land. Very pleased with their service!

Alexander, 37, Russia

Canada is a great country, but entering there is not easy. One of the reasons is getting a visa. I already had one refusal of getting the visa before and, honestly speaking, was afraid that I would be refused for a second time. I contacted Maple Land for a visa application. The agency assured me that I would receive a 100 per cent positive response. And that was really true, hence I received the visa in a few weeks. Thank you!

Stanislav, 29 years old, Ukraine


I am very grateful to your company for solving all issues with enrollment in the university. I was surprised when my son rang me up from Canada and told that he was met at the airport, helped to get settled and provided advices on all the emerging issues. Thanks! You are the best !!!

Lena, 42 years old, Russia