Language courses in Canada

Canada is a great choice for studying English and French. Canadian language programs meet world standards. Canada is one of the leaders in the study of English and French.

MapleLand's experts will help you to choose right language program at the lowest price. We will also keep a track with your pulse during your training. Language courses in Canada will enhance your English and French language skills.

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Training period

  • I semester (three months).
  • II semester (six months).
  • III semester (nine months).
  • IV semester (twelve months).
  • Language courses in Canada can also be selected weekly / monthly.

The price for language programs is from 3,500 to 6,500 CAD, depending on the choice of program and institution. Call us or leave an application to learn more about language courses in Canada.

What is included in the cost of language courses in Canada:

  • Payment for a language program (university, college or school).
  • Accomodation and food (apartment, dormitory or room).
  • Educational materials.
  • Medical Insurance.
  • Transfers (aircraft, public).
  • Opening a visa.

There are many programs for studying English and French language in Canada.

However, almost all of them focus their attention on:

  • Basic training programs (spoken language).
  • Business English, French.
  • Literary and Cultural Programs.
  • Preparing for TOEFL and IELTS.
  • Preparation programs for entering colleges and universities.
  • Business Broadcasting Programs.
  • Medical programs.
  • And other.

What do you get from language courses in Canada?

Effective practice in the linguistic environment.

English and French are native in Canada. By choosing language programs in Canada, you can quickly master your knowledge in 100% immersion in the environment. Right after classes you can practice on the street, in the shop or elsewhere.

 Higher education.

Linguistic programs increase your chances to enter the university in Canada. First is - you will already know the language, the second is - you adapt to the culture, the third is - you will have the motivation to improve your professional skills in future. Possibility after passing language courses in Canada to enter the university without passing the IELTS / TOEFL

Raising and moving up the career ladder.

By knowing a foreign language, you will always receive high praise from the employer. By studying a foreign language abroad, you increase your chances to take a leading positions in your company .

New contacts.

When studying English or French for about 20-30 hours a week, students spend their free time enjoying nature and culture. This leisure after training creates conditions for expansion of communication and new acquaintances. Language courses in Canada are a good opportunity to have good friends.

The benefits of language courses in Canada:

Stable price.

The main advantage - the price is not variable year-round. While in England or the United States for the summer prices rise three times. In Canada, prices for English courses remain unchanged. The only thing that affects - is inflation (but it's not a big difference, and prices are revised once a year - in winter). It is 20% less expensive than in the United States and England.


Canadian education is known for its liberal approaches to the learning process. There are almost no restrictions to entering the program. No exceptions for language programs. By passing language programs you will receive high-quality education and pleasure. Knowledge becomes available to you, which cause to their acquisition and implementation in practice.

Wide range.

A large range of schools and courses - for different tastes and opportunities. Each high school in Canada has language programs in which the recruitment lasts for a year. There are also many language schools both private and public, after which you get a certificate.

Earning is always good.

While studying in Canada, you can get a job to earn money for studying. Canada's legislation allows foreigners to work part-time. Students do not need a work permit (if the program is more than 6 months), they will need them after studying.