Junior Leadership School «Otium».

International School of Leaders «Otium» invites active and ambitious young people to visit Canada.

5 weeks in Canada.
English language practice.
Development of leadership abilities.
Visiting more than 10 Canadian universities.
Excursions in Canadian cities: Edmonton, Calgary, Victoria, Vancouver and Toronto.

Travel to the Canadian Mountains (Alberta Province).
 Famaliarization the culture of Ukrainians in Canada.
Participation in trainings and master classes.
Study Canadian Experience.

Give your child the chance to see Canada in all its glory!

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International School of Leaders «Otium»

ISL «Otium» is a platform for international communication and experience exchange.

  • International School of Leaders «Otium» (ISL«Otium») - an educational project for young people initiated by Maple Land company and its partners in Canada. The project aims to unite young leaders around the world as part of their cooperation in real-life tasks.
  • Within 5 weeks, a group of young people will take the ISL «Otium» educational program, the main purpose of which is to develop leadership skills. As part of the school program, young people visit and get acquainted with Canadian universities, schools, museums, organizations and prominent figures of the Ukrainian Diaspora, and so on.
  • Visite mountain resorts and state institutions. Get acquainted with peers and participate in joint events.
  • Each event, excursion, leisure and recreation are interconnected. Process of divination and interaction will form a holistic perception of another culture and people.
  • ISL «Otium» program is based on the concept of socio-psychological training and the model of practical philosophy for the children of Oscar Brenifie.
  • At the end of the program, all participants will be awarded an international standard certificate. Certificates of this program give preference to entrance examinations to Western Universities.

100% immersion in Canadian society

Active participation in international festivals and intercultural events.
In-depth study of English with native speakers.
Visiting Historical and Cultural Monuments of Western Canada.
Participation in a touristic-excursion camping in the mountains of the Banff Reserve, visits to thermal springs.
Familiarization the customs and traditions of the Ukrainian diaspora.

Gaining invaluable experience in international communication and cooperation.
Familiarization with Canadian Higher Education system, and direct participation in the educational process (the opportunity to study the education system and the possibility to join the University of Canada).
Familiarization and cooperation with political and public youth organizations.
Familiarization with the state municipality: health, police department, fireman department, government , high schools.

Project Mission: Developing Leadership Skills and Discovering New Opportunities and Resources. Adjustment of international ties among peers, formation of social competence.

Why people trust us?

  • This is not the first project related with young people trips to Canada.
  • Our team is directly responsible for the safety of the project participants without intermediaries.
  • All team members have certified training and accreditation.
  • We go not to learn English, but to acquire skills to create their own destiny and future.
  • The training of future scholars and public-political leaders is our goal.
  • The uniqueness of the ISL «Otium» program - it’s a great possibility to open the door to a new world of opportunities.
  • Canada is a great place for intercultural interaction and experience.
  • You will not find anything similar in the CIS, we are the first and the only one.
  • Our students always want to repeat their trip to Canada.
  • The company itself issues a visa.

"To improve - means to change, to be perfect - means to change often."
(Winston Churchill)

Where is the project targeted to?

Increase self-esteem

Communication with representatives of foreign cultures, if it is also the first in the world, stimulates the formation of an adequate self-esteem. Provided that everything happens with reflection and awareness.

Conducting a conversations

Negotiations are one of the main skills we will train forever. We will have real and concrete tasks ahead of us, which we will solve. Unknown situation: people, culture and nature always require additional efforts from the person, we always have to make a choice - to enter into negotiations.

Increasing motivation

Motivation increases when there is a real sample or a benchmark of success. During the project, we will meet with successful people and their projects. Our goal is to determine our needs and interests.

Development of communication skills

Everyone knows how to speak correctly, but not all knowledge can be realized. We will train a lot to build communication strategies, between us and with our new friends. The main goal is to understand and feel the importance of communication on your own experience. Another culture is a great opportunity to develop communicative skills (also in English).

Ability to create your own worldview

Canada is a country with its own worldview, so it is an advanced state. By studying Canadian experience, we will deal with the outlook of its inhabitants, their philosophy. The purpose of the project is not to borrow or copy the experience of Canada, and MAIN GOAL is to build your own principles, virtues and meanings. Adolescence is the beginning of the way of creating a worldview of a person.

Pictures from previous travels

What will you get during the «Otium» project?

While the period of subscription to the ISL «Otium» program, each participant will be determined with a clear understanding of their own future, professional orientation and their role in society. In addition, the journey curbs participants' spirit of team interaction, the ability to build effective communication and all this in conjunction with the practice of English.

Canadian nature, cities, universities and people will always leave positive emotions and impressions of the adventure in the memory of a young person. Picturesque lakes on the tops of the mountains will not leave anyone indifferent, and the delight of the local inhabitants will form a sense of dignity for all life. Every impression and photography - are for all life.

New conditions, acquaintances, information, and all of this, through their own rethinking, encourage the young person to learn to act and make decisions on their own, develop the ability to think critically and analyze the situation.

«Otium» project mentors

Hello everyone, my name is Bohdana Stepanenko-Lipovik - I am the organizer of the School of Leadership «Otium» in Canada. I am currently working in the government of the province of Alberta in Canada. Prior to that, I was a researcher at the University of Alberta. I graduated from the Shevchenko KNU specializes in international economics and has received a candidate of economic sciences at the Institute in the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Co-author and coordinator of the Ukrainian-Canadian project Children for peace. Co-founder of MapleLand (Canada)

Hello my name is Olena Shevchenko. I have been repeatedly participated in international projects in England at the Easter Camp and in Canada for Children for peace as curator-accompanist for children from Ukraine. I have experience in difficult circumstances, as a volunteer at the headquarters for helping the wounded. I have an education in journalism and management. Coordinator of the «Otium» International School of Leaders in Ukraine.

Hello, my name is Vira Davidenko. I am a children's art therapist and coach of the philosophizing program for teens and philosophical meditation practice and relaxation coach in the International School of Leaders «Otium». I have a traveling experience with youth groups to the United States and China. In my spare time I teach children music, painting, and I teach English classes.
I received a higher education at the Drahomanov National Pedagogical University, at the Faculty of Philosophy Education and Science, my specialization is "philosophical psychoanalysis and art therapy".

Hi, I'm Myhailo Shevchenko. I am the organizer and founder of the International School of Leaders «Otium». I am a psychologist, a psychotherapist and a trainer of social-psychological training. For more than 10 years I have been organizing children's summer camps in the direction of social competence. I have several specializations in conducting psychotherapy and training with teenagers. Co-author of the Ukrainian-Canadian project Children for peace (Canada). Representative of MapleLand (Canada) in Ukraine.


 For whom is the project?

  • For future leaders: academics, diplomats and public figures.
  • For young people who are planning their future.
  • For those who want to learn English.
  • Who wants to make friends around the world.
  • Lovers of adventure and travel

Who can take part?

The participant of the ISL «Otium» can be a young person aged 12 to 18 years old, who prematurely was interviewed and questioned.


  • Individual room, lounge, bathroom and toilet.
  • Gym and sports ground.
  • Games room and lounge.
  • Specially equipped training and conference rooms.
  • The cinema hall.
  • Washing room and drying room.
  • The Residence is guarded.

What included in the cost of the program?

Study and practice English with native speakers.
 Accommodation in the center of Ukrainian culture (hotel).
 Meals full board (5 times).
Entertainment program and sports.
 Tour-guided trips in western Canada (Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Banff, Jasper, Victoria).
 Tourist excursion in the mountainous area.

 Trainings and master classes.
 Travel by public transport, bus rental.
 Оrganization of the trip.
 Visa issuance.
 Medical Insurance.
 Both way plane tickets (Kiev-Edmonton) and internal flights (Edmonton-Wenco).

Parents additionally need to provide $ 300-500 for pocket money.