Immigration to Canada

MapleLand is a guarantor of easy and fast immigration to Canada.

 Our Immigration Service provides all services related to the immigration process to Canada.

 We will advise you and give assistance with the package of immigration documents.

 We will choose an immigration program that responds to your request and wishes.

 During the immigration process, our consultant will be always in touch with you.

 Our consultant will give you assistance at every step of the immigration process.

 After assessment of your situation, we will help you to solve emerging problems and develop an immigration strategy.

The MapleLand’s team will help you to open the door to a new life where you and your family can prosper.

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What is needed to do to immigrate to Canada?

  • Place an application on our web-site.
  • Get advice free of charge.
  • Our licensed adviser studies your documents.
  • Conclude a contract with us.
  • We make a package of immigration documents for Government of Canada.
  • Look forward to positive approval from Government of Canada.
  • Initial support upon arrival to Canada.

Why are you advised to choose us?

  • Officially registered Canadian company.
  • Our adsvisers and experts are from Canada.
  • We have licenses for providing immigration services.
  • Fast service.
  • Affordable prices and step by step payments.
  • Confidentiality is our credo!

Our services

Selection of the immigration program.

The Government of Canada offers over 84 immigration programs, each program has its own requirements for the candidate. To immigrate to Canada, you have 1st of all to determine with the program. In case of your certainty with the immigration program, we will easily develop an immigration strategy together.

Visa’s application and opening.

Our team will help with the procedure of application for tourist, work, family or business visa. During the immigration process, we also take care of your visa support. This will allow you not to wait for months. We guarantee visa opening even in difficult situations.

Work Permit.

You are planning to work in Canada and want to know how to get a work permit? Then we may help you with preparing documentation providing you a possibility to find a legal job in Canada. In addition, we will help you to prepare relevant documentation whilst you study in Canada and want to work or you have already graduated from college or university and look for work.

Family sponsorship.

If you are either a citizen of Canada or have relatives in Canada, we will help you take out your family or go to your relatives with the further opening of the immigration affair. Canadian government takes care of family reunification.

Additional Services

Selection of place of residence.

Specialists of our team will find a comfortable habitation for you, which meets your wishes and financial opportunities at the most optimal price in the market.

Employment Assistance.

We are always ready to help you with employment in the short or long term. Our company cooperates only with proven and reliable Canadian employment agencies.

Additional immigration ways to Canada


While studying in Canadian college or university, you have a great opportunity to immigrate to Canada. Studying creates privileges for you during the immigration process. Studying in Canada is a great opportunity to immigrate.

Language courses.

Language courses of either English or French last from 3 months to 1 year. A certificate confirming your language skills gives you significant benefits during the immigration process.

 Business courses.

Business for Canada is always one of the main opportunities of the country's development. Having completed a business course in Canada, 80% of students receive a permanent residence card or even citizenship.

Education at school.

After completing secondary education in Canada, you are guaranteed all privileges of Canadian citizens and - if you wish - can apply for citizenship.

Immigration programs can be either of federal or provincial scale. The difference is in requirements as well as in the speed of registration of a package of documents. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze their requests and features carefully.

The most popular immigration programs.

Standard program.

Provides passing a special test that helps you to determine if you are eligible to immigrate to Canada. Then apply for an immigrant visa or permanent resident status.

Federal Skilled Worker Program.

A program for skilled workers. This program requires professional experience, a sufficient level of English proficiency as well as education that meets Canadian standards.

Canadian Experience Class Program.

This program is for foreigners who already have permanent resident status and work temporarily in Canada. Candidates for immigration must work in Canada full-time for one year or more or part-time for three years.

Federal Skilled Trades Program.

This program is for some professions: car mechanics, builders, installers, electricians, plumbers, farmers and miners. To be eligible for this program you need to meet certain requirements: work experience in a specialty not less than two years, an invitation for work from an employer and knowledge of English.

Business Immigration Program.

There is also an immigration program for investors in the economy of Canada. In different provinces the minimum amount of the contribution is different. In addition to money, you must have experience in doing business as well as in personal management of the company.

The MapleLand’s team will help you to open the door to a new life where you and your family can prosper.